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Four-wheel backhoe/excavator

Code: 00587
Series: B Series
Color: yellow



Four-wheel backhoe/excavator   140 degree


Model:Four-wheel backhoe/excavator

Power:9hp or 15hp

Engine: 9hp gasoline engine or 15hp EPA gasoline engine

Drive: 2 wheel independent front drive

Type: Wheeled Excavator

Starting mode:Electric start

Traveling speed:20km/h
Max. Digging depth: 2000mm
Max. Dumping height:2600mm
Max. Digging height:2500mm

Max. Digging width: 400mm

Digging bucket capacity: 0.06cbm


Full outer wheel base 1.2m (width adjustable), wheelbase 1.25m (adjustable)


1.Hydraulic feeding system,with free flow valve,easy to control feeding rate,featured with compact structure.
2.Horizontal design,easy to operate.Flexible, convenient operation and quick mounting and dismounting.
3.Available bucket: 220mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm,V type bucket,thumb,ditching finger also be availible.
4. Suit for America, Australia & Europe market.

Shipping Instructions:   

1) Gasoline engine does not add gasoline (for safe transportation).   

2) Diesel engine without diesel, without water.   

3) There is a small amount of hydraulic oil for testing, but the customer needs to add enough hydraulic oil after receiving the goods to work properly (It is about 20 catty hydraulic oil)   

4) Every part of the whole machine is tested before shipment, so there will be a small amount of fuel in the gasoline engine and diesel engine.   

5) Customers need to assemble the parts that our factory removed before packing in accordance with the instruction manual ;   

Then, add fuel oil (gasoline or diesel) and hydraulic fluid to start work.   


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